Correctional Service Spreads Psychosocial Counselling


In the opening week of the year 2020, the Sierra Leone Correctional Service deployed Psychosocial- Counselling to six Corrections Facilities outside Freetown (Western Area Urban), with funds provided by the United Nations Development Programme and the International Bureau of Narcotics and Law Enforcement.

The Centres to which the practice has been spilled include: Waterloo Pre- Trial Detention and Simulation Centre, Port Loko, Makeni, Bo, Kenema, and Kono. Twelve Psychosocial Counsellors were sent, two to each of the said Centres. The six Centres have been chosen because the Officers- in- Charge of them have been overseas to see how Psychosocial Counselling is practiced.

The practice, according to the Director General of the SLCS- Mr. Joseph Lamboi, is one that focuses on redeeming inmates from their offending ways, with a view to tune their minds into acceptable societal bandwidth.

“Our transformation from Prisons to Corrections has been accompanied by numerous positive changes, and Psychosocial Counselling sits on top of all of the ingredients of Corrections. Most inmates come into our Centres bad, our aim is not to discharge them as worse, but better citizens.”





By Chief Officer Leslie Cole- Showers (National PRO, SLCS)


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