Hon. Justice Miatta Samba Gives Hand- washing Kits to Correctional Centres

On Tuesday 14th April 2020, Honourable Justice Miatta Samba donated 9 hands- free 200 litres Milla tanks, among other sanitary kits, to some Correctional Centres, to help keep Covid- 19 away from inmates and officers.

There are 21 Correctional Centres in the country, but the centres which will receive the kits include: Pademba road, Male Reintegration, Female (Freetown), Kenema (male & female), Bo (male & female), Makeni (male & female) Correctional Centres.

Hon. Miatta Samba, who is also the Chairperson for the Legal Aid Board (LAB), said the LAB is in existence to help people who fall foul of the law, enlightening that their work covers both criminal and civil matters.

She pointed out that their role should not only be visible during normal times, but also in time of trouble.

“The Covid-19 prevalence urged HE the President to invoke the State of Emergency Laws. This means the right of the State supersedes the individual’s rights. We appreciate the government for thinking ahead, however, the government cannot do everything. That is why other influential persons or organisations should come in to render help to those who need it most.”

Stepping forward to speak, the Director General of the Sierra Leone Correctional Service- Mr. Joseph Lamboi said the donation “couldn’t have come at a better time”, noting the “SLCS can use all the help it can get from donors or philanthropists”.

He observed that the donation was “huge” and assured that they will be used appropriately for the benefit of the Department.

“We are a serious institution, especially when it comes to dealing with health problems as contagious and deadly as the Covid- 19. Our sense of seriousness was tested when Ebola came to this country; we did not record a single case in any of our centres. Unfortunately, that was not noticed, so we didn’t get any accolade for it. This time, with assistance coming from kind- hearted people like you, I am sure we also keep Covid- 19 out of our centres,” Mr. Lamboi said.



By CO Leslie Cole- Showers (National PRO- SLCS)


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